Gentle Tooth Extractions in Jasper

At Crooked Creek Family Dental, we are passionate about doing all that we can to repair and preserve your natural teeth. However, if your tooth is beyond repair, there may be times when the next best option is to perform an extraction to protect your oral health and alleviate your pain. We perform experienced tooth extractions in Jasper for patients of all ages. After your extraction, we provide a variety of tooth replacement solutions to restore your smile’s function and appeal.

Whether you have severe tooth decay or require dental extraction due to impacted teeth, our tooth extraction services can handle even complex cases. Contact us today to learn more about our safe and gentle tooth extractions.


When Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Various circumstances can make tooth extraction necessary. Most of them focus on alleviating pain or preventing future dental problems. Here are some of the reasons we may recommend tooth extraction in Jasper:

  • Severe Tooth Decay: This is the most common reason for tooth extraction. We perform extractions for extensive tooth decay when a pulpotomy or root canal therapy cannot restore your oral health.
  • Gum Disease: Advanced periodontitis damages the gum, ligaments, and bone that support teeth, causing them to become loose and even fall out. For patients with advanced gum disease, tooth removal may be necessary with gum disease treatment.
  • Impacted Teeth: Impacted teeth are teeth that erupt partially or not at all due to reasons such as overcrowding or displacement. They are a danger to your oral health as they trap bacteria between the gums and teeth, putting you at risk of infection. This can make it necessary to extract impacted teeth.
  • Dental Crowding: Crowded teeth occur due to insufficient jaw space for accommodating the emerging teeth. Also, orthodontic treatments can require tooth removal to prevent crowding as the aligners or braces reposition your teeth.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal: Wisdom teeth may cause complications when emerging, usually due to insufficient jaw space. In such cases, extraction is necessary to prevent crowding and minimize the risk of infections like pericoronitis. Extractions are especially important if the limited space causes the tooth to emerge at an angle and become impacted, which can carry risks of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Trauma to the Tooth: Accidents can occur and break or dislodge your tooth or cause it to fall out. While we can sometimes reattach a healthy and intact tooth, waiting too long after the accident makes it impossible to preserve the tooth, making removal the only option.

Our Tooth Extraction Process in Jasper

extractions in JasperOur compassionate team does everything possible to preserve your natural teeth, whether that means procedures like root canal therapy for adults or pulpotomy for kids. If either treatment cannot maintain your damaged tooth, we recommend extraction. Since tooth extraction can impair your ability to chew and speak properly, our team will discuss your tooth replacement options before the treatment. We also offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation to ease your anxiety and maximize your comfort.

Our dentist begins the extraction process by administering local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area to eliminate pain. However, you may feel pressure when the dentist loosens the tooth before gently extracting it. If your tooth is firmly anchored on your jaw or has curved roots, it may require sectioning. The process involves gently separating the tooth into sections before removing it one piece at a time.

Once the tooth has been removed, our dentists will place gauze in the resulting space to cover and protect the socket. Our friendly team will provide instructions and advice on how to take care of the extraction site for recovery.

Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are teeth that emerge last and are at the back of your mouth. While most wisdom teeth develop normally, some become impacted and require extraction. Usually, most dentists refer wisdom teeth removal to a specialist due to their complexity. When you come to our practice, our dentist has the expertise and skill to extract wisdom teeth in-office while maximizing your comfort.

Extractions for Dentures

We also provide full mouth extractions before placing dentures. You may need the procedure due to gum disease, extensive tooth decay, abscess, or bone loss. If you require a full mouth extraction before getting dentures, our team can perform the procedure before replacing your natural teeth with high-quality restorations.

Chromium Crowns for Kids

Our tooth extractions in Jasper include the removal of baby teeth when necessary. For kids with tooth decay or trouble maintaining dental hygiene, our high-quality chromium crowns are available for protection against cavities and damage.

The crowns do not require traditional filling procedures to place onto the teeth. They also do not need special care and maintenance once in place. These restorations are highly durable and will fall out with the milk teeth once permanent teeth are ready to emerge.

Caring for Your Mouth After Tooth Removal

Jasper tooth extractionsHere are tips on how to take care of your oral health after your extraction to promote healing and prevent complications.

  • Control bleeding after extraction by gently biting on the gauze. You can also use teabag as it contains tannins that boost clot formation.
  • Take your medication as prescribed to ease the pain. Also, consult the dentist before using over-the-counter drugs.
  • To minimize swelling on your face, apply an ice pack for ten minutes and then rest for five minutes. Repeat the process until the swelling goes down. Don't apply cold directly to the extraction site as it can negatively impact healing.
  • Get maximum rest and limit activities during the first 24 hours. When lying down, elevate your head to prevent bleeding and swelling.
  • Eat soft foods and drink lots of water. Avoid using straws when drinking beverages as the suction can dislodge the clot necessary for healing.
  • Avoid hot liquids as they promote swelling, and stay away from alcohol to avoid slowing the healing process.
  • Avoid sticky or hard foods that can cause injuries and interrupt healing.
  • Clean your teeth gently without using toothpaste since rinsing the toothpaste off can dislodge the clot.
  • You can rinse your mouth with salt water at least four times daily 12 hours after the procedure.
  • Do not smoke as it can break down the clot and cause pain in the tooth socket.

Experience the Care You Deserve

You don't have to live with the pain of an infected or broken tooth. If you are looking for Jasper tooth extractions you can trust, we can help. At Crooked Creek Family Dental, our goal is to protect your oral health and provide the compassionate dental care you deserve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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